London Marathon Charity Fundraiser

Our Regional Operations Director, Paul Kelly will be running this year’s London Marathon on the 28th April to raise money for a very worthwhile charity, which is close to his heart. See below Paul’s story.


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I am running the 2019 London marathon to raise money for the British lung foundation, a charity close to my heart. Last year’s marathon coincided with my father in law, Ron, returning home from hospital, with a diagnosis of terminal COPD.  COPD is a progressive lung disease, which although treatable, still remains incurable. Watching Ron go through the pain he has had to go through in dealing with this disease was heart breaking for us as a family. Sadly 3 months into my training Ron lost his battle to COPD and passed away in November 2018”

“However this is not the first time I have experienced losing someone I love to lung disease.  At 14 I lost my grandad, John, to lung cancer.  Although 16 years have passed, the impact of his absence still remains with my myself & my family every day. He was taken long before his years, to a painful, cruel disease. Watching these two men suffer the way they did still haunts me to this day”  

“Watching the sadness my wife and our family were experiencing, slowly losing much loved husbands, fathers and grandfathers, so early in their lives, as well as the knowledge of all of the moments, events and celebrations they will be missing from, inspired me to apply to run this marathon. I wanted to essentially create something positive out of something so sad, whilst contributing to a fantastic organisation”

“The British Lung Foundation are an incredible charity, that use donations to actively fund research and support those affected by lung disease. Running on their behalf makes me very proud”

“Taking part in the London marathon is going to be the biggest challenge of my life so far and I am excited and humbled to be taking part this April”


Thank you for taking the time to read Paul’s story. If you would like to donate anything to help Paul hit his fundraising target please click on the link below to his just giving page.

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