Gravesend Remodelling Project

Started:September 2013
Completed:May 2014
Client:C Spencer
Value:£19 million
Project Overview

Gravesend Station is situated on a major commuter line into and out of London and the High Speed HS1 services to London St Pancras International were introduced in December 2009. The station is now seen as a major interchange for metro and high speed services. There is also potential for the Crossrail Project to be extended to Gravesend.*

The station’s remodelling will allow 12-car trains to stop at Gravesend which would provide up to 3500 extra seats and more spaces for passengers.

Key Deliverables

The scope of works included;

- Remodel track layout throughout the station
- Remodel signalling layout through the station
- Construct a new island platform & canopy
- Extend existing platforms
- Remove the existing footbridge and install a new one, to include lift shafts

Staffing Specifications

Civil Rail Solutions were engaged by C Spencer in the summer of 2013 to provide the Civils based labour for the project. This included labour for the pre-blockade works, the Christmas blockade and the snagging works which followed. Civil Rail Solutions provided C Spencer with the following trades throughout the project:

- PTS Labourers
- Banksmen
- Signallers
- Skilled Ground Workers
- HV Comps
- Bricklayers
- Carpenters
- Plant Operators
- Forklift Drivers
- Gangers/Foremen
- Supervisors
- Site Managers
- Construction Managers


'Civil Rail Solutions had labour working on all parts of the station throughout the project, with various tradesmen being required on different sections of the works. Throughout the Christmas blockade we provided over 200 individual members of staff'

David Taylor
Site Manager
Gravesend Remodelling Project
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